Community Program

Making a difference in the lives of youth means making a difference in their communities. BIU aims to build up the local communities in which our youth live. Programming includes:

Believe in U Annual Charity Weekend



Annual Charity Weekend

Believe In U Annual Charity Weekend is family-fun weekend committed to giving back to the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan community. The weekend includes a plethora of activities focused in three core areas: community building, scholarship, and leadership.

Day One – Friday: Community Building
On the first day of the weekend, local students and their families to give back to those in need via community building charity activities. In 2015, Believe in U will bring youth to participate in a day of giving back to physically and mentally disadvantaged children.

Day Two – Saturday: Scholarship
On day two, students and their families receive multifaceted education from experts from around the nation. Local student football players and cheerleaders receive a full day of training from locally and nationally recognized professional athletes and coaches, including Usama Young and the participants in the 2015 “Lead 2 Achieve” Mentorship program. Student’s parents, friends and other family members also have the opportunity to learn valuable life skills during the day through a speaker series featuring local and national coaches across various fields, including the financial industry, healthcare, family planning and more. The day’s activities serve as a vehicle for building athletic skills and fostering positive academic and social skills through sport.

BIU’s “Stay Focused” Scholarship Program: The Stay Focused Scholarship Program is designed to award students for their commitment to education, community, and athletics. Following the second day of the annual charity weekend, outstanding participating students from that day are awarded with a small scholarship amount to be used towards their education or an extracurricular activity of their choice (e.g., cheerleading camp or football camp).

Day Three – Sunday: Leadership
On day three, Usama Young personally celebrates and honors the local and national leaders who are making a valuable difference in the lives of Washington D.C.’s youths through an annual awards brunch. The encouraging event gives those who work year round to uplift the community an opportunity to shine.

BIU Awards Program: The Believe In U Awards Program will honor community leaders that have paved the way for youth to eventually take the throne and be our future world leaders. These individuals will be recognized during the Believe In U Annual Charity Weekend. The award categories include:

  • Athletic Director of the Year
  • Coach of the Year
  • Teacher of the Year


BIU is dedicated to mobilizing youth across the nation to realize their potential.