The BIU Story

Founder Usama Young was born with a passion for two things: giving back and sports. In his early childhood, when he wasn’t enjoying spending time outdoors playing his favorite sports, he would spend time with his family by visiting homeless shelters across the street from the White House and helping to feed those in need. His parents would make hot meals and sandwiches,and task him with the unique childhood responsibility of handing out the hot plates at local shelters in downtown Washington, D.C. At the time, the activities felt like second nature, but as he grew older he realized that his parents themselves were far from wealthy but had committed to instilling a valuable lesson in their children – give back no matter what. With newfound respect for his parents, Usama made a commitment to himself that no matter his current situation; he will always find a way to help others out – just like his parents.

Being guided by his parents and five older brothers, he realized not only the importance of philanthropy, but also of mentorship.

Today, he believes that we can prepare our youth for the obstacles that they will surely face in their lives, and that preparation will allow them to succeed in overcoming those obstacles and allow them to one day reach back to serve others in need, as he has been able to do in his lifetime.


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BIU is dedicated to mobilizing youth across the nation to realize their potential.